Some tips for effectively integrating your new employees

12 April 2019

Whatever the nature or size of the position, the integration phase of a new employee – also known as “ONBOARDING” by some – is a sensitive and important time for successful recruitment.

Too often neglected, it can lead the future employee to distance himself from the company and question the joint project outlined.


So that your employee feels welcome as soon as he arrives:

  • _ Prepare and validate the material conditions of its exercise: a desk, a telephone, a computer in working order, the necessary tools or clothing. Remember to give the access codes, times, email addresses and phone number of his contacts …
  • _ Announce your arrival internally upstream
  • _ Inform the reception of the company of the day of its arrival
  • _ Inform your new employee of the person to contact to welcome him
  • _ Define an integration schedule by providing regular points
  • _ Prepare a welcome booklet presenting the company and the teams


  • Allow a time of interview to present the company, explain the projects, the orientations of the strategy in a friendly and friendly way.
  • _ Summarize quickly if necessary the conditions of the contract: salary, benefits, schedules, displacements …
  • _ If the context allows, identify a person who can be his referent and tutor in this phase of integration.
  • _ Give him the schedule of milestones and points planned during this phase of integration. This will show him that you value the success of his integration.


  • _ Make him meet his superior so that he can define the missions, training actions planned for him from the day of his entry.
  • _ Have him participate quickly in meetings on projects that may concern him. Take care to present it and remember its responsibilities.


Once the first steps are done, do not let go of your attention:

  • _ Make sure you stay available and that the points in the integration schedule are done.
  • Validate the progress towards the expected objectives, the understanding of the evaluation criteria, the taking of autonomy.
  • _ Informally meet the employee and discuss the points of dysfunction raised. Do not let “rot” questions and organize points with his manager if necessary.
  • _ Meet him formally at the end of the probationary period and let him know his report of astonishment.

So many attentions that allow the employee to integrate effectively and sustainably in his new work environment.

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