accompaniment of talents

12 April 2019

In a labor market with strong tension, companies compete with imagination and sometimes invest heavily on their employer brand to attract, attract and convince talent to join them.

But are hidden and unidentified talents not already present at the heart of your organization? How to motivate and retain these employees, who often hold the added value of the company?

How to support their aspirations internally and meet their needs for evolution? By reflex, we do not naturally seek to develop a collaborator “who is so effective in his position and his mission”. He is too precious where he is … However, we know that this posture is the surest way to demotivate the employee, who will end well legitimately, in view of its real potential, by looking outside the evolution he / she is seeking . Pity !

It therefore seems more relevant to anticipate, to open the field of the possible and to build, with him, a course internally, while organizing the transfer of his current skills to his future replacement.

To support and structure this process of safeguarding and maintaining key know-how, we have designed a “coaching of talent” approach, a real career coaching, aimed in particular at assessing potential and envy, at building a evolution path in a win-win logic with your collaborators.

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